Thursday, December 14, 2017

AEMI 4As DPE Meeting Notes

December 13, 9:30 AM start
Moment of silence in memory of Mike Hodge
4As convention and Board Meeting PM Voted and Approved
DPE/4As Financials
FY 16-17 Audit Report
FY 16-17 LM3
Six-Month Statement
FY 2017-2018 May 1, 2017-October 31, 2017
Introductions and Remarks : Presiding Officer Paul Almeida,
Nominations and Elections: (Name and Primary Union represented)
President: Gabrielle Carteris SAGAFTRA,
Treasurer: MaryLou Westerfield AEA,
Executive Secretary: Paul Almeida DPE,
1st VP: David White SAG-AFTRA
2VP: Mary McColl AEA
3VP: Susanne K. Doris AGVA
4VP: Len Egert, AGMA
5th VP: Carson Ferri Grant, GIAA

Delegates for each Union: GIAA's are Carlo Fiorletta, Carson Ferri-Grant, Simcha Borenstein

Other Discussed below:

Resolution 5: Commission on the future of work and Unions

Why we need Adequate Right of publicity Laws

Resolution 36: Celebrating DEP 40 Years of Professional Union Membership

Department for Professional Employees AFL-CIO
-The Professional Workforce
-The future of Work and the Labor movement
-Professional Union members
-Organizing Professionals
1) Growing Your Union: Engaging Professionals through New Hire Orientation.
2) Extend the Invitation
3) Guide to Organizing Professionals.

DPE research projects.

Political and Legislative Activity.
- H1B and other High-Skilled Visas
- O and P Visas.
- Intellectual Property and Copyright
-Arts Funding

Outreach and Coalition building.
40 year history. Workforce of the future.

Resolution Supporting Intellectual Property (IP) Rights and Protections to
Promote {productivity, Competitiveness and Jobs

Draft : $as Board Meeting Minutes. SAG-AFTRA HQ NY April 6, 2017
Constitution of the Associated Actors and Artistes of America last amended 9/16/92