Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Needed: Young Italian-looking actress for pro-bono role

Please reply directly to Tatiana if interested and mention GIAA
"Tiziana Rinaldi"

Dear Mr. Fioretta,

It’s a pleasure to meet you. As you can see from the project description below, I need to make sure that the actress can be available for a pro-bono project. The production is very low key, and the video will appear online — I’m not thinking of any festivals, etc… Also, the video will not be monetized.

The goal is to experiment with visual formats and not to look for promotion or exposure with this individual segment. I’m honing a programming idea where poetry segments, such as this one, may serve as interstitials between field or studio pieces (instead of PSAs or ads, let’s say).

Kindly let me know if you could help guide my search, and if you’d like that I call you for any additional information and/or clarification.

Best regards,
Tiziana Rinaldi