Friday, July 18, 2014

GIAA meeting and reading 7/16 post-DPE ( was 4As) meeting

Do NOT "Reply" see email below if you wish to respond. Earlier in the day, VP Carson Grant was the first GIAA member to attend. Due to another appointment, I showed up shortly late.I discussed hard copy printouts and handed those off to Elaine L. at the GIAA meeting later. We read a play written by Sean Devney. Most members in attendance had a chance to read. After the DPE meeting, Carson is trying to coordinate schools to use professional actors for the sake of better productions as well as security related to terrorism possibilities with unknown foreign crews. I am sure there will be more about this at a later date. One point that was mentioned that members can keep an eye on in the news is cable TV executives who take advantage of new graduates to go non-union and pocket the difference causing hardship for workers. There was a similar net effect mentioned for a $100 million movie that brought in a french director and all his supports as DGA responses. I am copying this to our blog you can email me at Thanks. Happy Summer. CF