Monday, June 17, 2013

Main St. Theater Houston Tx Cat in the Hat Auditions

Click on the picture to enlarge. Main St. Theater, Houston Tx Director Jef Johnson director has worked with Cirque du Soleil.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

GIAA President history

From Elder Statesman member Sal Palmeri Ciao Carlo, how are you ? I'm glad to share any infos that I know with you . Olga Barbato was Attilio Barbato sister as well a known comic ( I'm including some pictures me acting with him at Brooklyn Academy of Music and in an other theatre ). Both Olga and Attilio were children of Zia Vincenza an outstanding actress from Catania Sicily. All family worked together at radio as well on stage. For over 20 years Attilio Barbato, after his mother passed away, had a company on his own during the 60thies , seventies and part of the eighties. Olga and I were many times part of that company. Attilio Barbato became also president of the Italian Actors Union. When he passed away Mimi Cecchini became president, and after she died Olga became president. I did joing the Italian Actors Union in January 1960 because I was booked in a " Romeo & Juliet " production, produced and directed by Gino Caimi ( Gino Caimi during that time was the president of the Italian Actors Union ) During the presidency of Mimi Cecchini and Olga Barbato I was also one of the consiglieri of the union . Carlo I hope what I wrote is enough. If you need more infos just let me know. Ok regards also to Mara, talk with you soon Sal After Olga, presidents were Paul Borghese 1999-2003 Lea Serra 2003-2004 Guy Palumbo 2004-2007 Carlo Fiorletta 2007-