Monday, March 12, 2012

Breathing Performer workshop.

Sophie Bortolussi via
Mar 8 (4 days ago)

to Sophie
Dear All,

So Christopher is coming back to NYC to give a Breathing Performer workshop.
I hope you can join us for an other few days of exciting and playful exploration, filled with wonderful discoveries.
I also need your help to spread the word.

When: Tuesday April 3: 2pm-7pm / Wednesday-Thursday April- 4-5: 12:30pm-6pm
Where: Green Space Studio, In Queens (only 15 minutes from Times Square/ At Queenspboro Plaza- 1st stop in Queens on N-Q Train)
How much: $225 (recommend a friend and you both get $25 off the tuition)
Booking: Sophie Bortolussi @ or

Don’t let your finances keep you away from experiencing his incredible work and please do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in the workshop and/ or you have any concern about costs,
Please spread the word to your friends in search of deepening their experience as actors, performers, movers and creators.

Much love


The Breathing Performer
A Workshop in Physical Theater
with Christopher Siversten (Director of the Awake Project)

The work of Christopher is truly transformative for dancers in search of deepening their
theatricality and the use of their voice, and just as powerful and transformative for actors interested
in strengthening, integrating and exploring their bodies and their musicality.

His work is unlike any other. He seamlessly weaves movement, voice, music & rhythm, creating a unique landscape of
artistic exploration. His openness, skill (as actor, performer, creator, director) passion and sensitivity fill the room with
magic, creativity and incredible possibilities.

The work of Christopher follows the Polish Physical Theater tradition and is truly powerful. For 7 years he was a
principal performers in the internationally renowned Polish theater company: Song of the Goat.

Since 2007 his ensemble has been developing an approach to theatre training and performance
founded upon an investigation of breath and all aspects of rhythm.
The rhythm of the music: beat, tempo, time, pulse and swing
The rhythm of language: meter, measure, stress, accent and cadence
The rhythm of daily life: pattern, flow, tempo, duration, counter point
The rhythm of connection: timing, distance direction listening

Christopher's approach to training is both passionate and playful and seeks to release and extend the performer's
capabilities in fundamental areas of the craft of performing. By deepening the participant's connection with the
essential elements of rhythm and breath his workshops aims to enhance and awaken the creativity in the
participants.The Breathing Performer draws on sources including folklore, traditional song, hip-hop, jazz, poetic texts
and personal stories. All of the work is designed to develop and deepen an understanding of the 'self', allowing for
greater risks to be taken and to engage as much of the performer as possible in the creation of character and story.
Participants will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of how breath and rhythm can
function as the foundation for ensemble theatre and personal creativity.
"Rhythm is a healing power that combines the above with the below and through whirling
breath and pulsating blood, constantly creates anew"
Fritz Von Bothmer
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Webisode ACTS OF LOVE for volunteer experience work


our first webisode "Chemistry" is online.

We have a couple more in development.

To write, read, direct, act, lighting and sound.

We can get AFTRA defer payment agreements if necessary.