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GIAA Paul Borghese Vito Bonafacci screening May

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Hi Carlo,

Do you think you could put something on your site about the movie you
helped cast and that you are getting credit for along with GIAA?
Your name as well as GIAA and it's logo appear in the credits.
Read my Q&A on the Website, I talk about you and GIAA.


It opens in a theatre downtown on May 6th.
66 3rd Ave. (corner 11th St.)
New York, NY 10003 (212) 982-2116
The premiere is on May 2nd
by invitation



150 Queens Thanks Sal Palmeri

GIAA's oldest member

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100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shortwaist Factory Fire of March 25, 1911

From: Arieh Lebowitz
Reply-To: Arieh Lebowitz
Subject: NYC: we mark the 100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shortwaist Factory Fire of March 25, 1911.

Come join us as we mark the 100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shortwaist Factory Fire of March 25, 1911. The Jewish Daily Forward has prepared a special section devoted to aspects of the Triangle Factory Fire. See it here: http://forward.com/channels/triangle-shirtwaist-factory-fire-a-century-later/

There are scores of organizations, unions, educational institutions and projects that have organized diverse events in New York and elsewhere commemorating 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, which took place in Manhattan on March 25, 1911, which resulted in the deaths of 146 workers, mostly immigrants, mostly young Jewish and Italian women. See here: http://rememberthetrianglefire.org/category/events/ Please see below.

Procession from Union Square to Washington and Greene, east of Washington Square Park, the site of the Fire.
Meet @ 9:30 a.m., start marching by 10:30 a.m.
Join the Jewish Labor Committee as we march in a mass procession to honor the victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, and those who fought for change following the fire. We will be marching with many others, with banners and photographs, and shirtwaists and sashes carried aloft will bear the names of the 146 victims. Marchers will include: family members of the victims, many unions, the JLC and other organizations, theater and dance companies, students, and the public. We march to not only remember and reflect, but also to stand in solidarity with current actions to improve the lives of workers around the city, country and the world. Procession to arrive at 11:00 a.m. at the Annual Commemoration site, corner of Washington and Greene - the ceremony at the site . See below and attached.

Centennial Commemoration at the site of the fire.
11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Since the fire, memorials have been held at he corner of Washington and Greene to mark the loss of life, and the need for better worker protections in New York, across the country and around the world. This takes place at Washington and Green Streets, just east of Washington Square Park.

Triangle Fire Memorial Association Mass for The 146 Victims
2 p.m.
Rev. John C. Massari, CS, Pastor of Our Lady of Pompei Church invites you to a Memorial Mass for the 146 Victims of the Triangle Fire. Archbishop Timothy Dolan will celebrate the Mass at the Church at 25 Carmine Street,NYC (Corner Carmine St. & Bleeker St. ) For additional info and to RSVP, contact Jane Fazio: jcfazio@msn.com

Arieh Lebowitz - Associate Director - Jewish Labor Committee - www.jewishlabor.org
25 East 21st Street - New York, NY 10010 - tel 212-477-0707 - fax 212-477-1918 - e-mail arieh@jewishlabor.org

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PAN AM casting background AFTRA

Monday, Mar. 7, 2011, 2:26 PM Pacific

PAN AM (Background)

Casting Director: Jolanda Anthony
Casting Assistant: Jennifer Ensworth
Interview: w/o 3/7
Shoot: 3/11, 3/21
Location: Manhattan/Long Island


Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking Authentic Italians as background on the upcoming TV Pilot, Pan Am.


ages 40-80, AFTRA or Non AFTRA, shoots 3/11. MUST BE ABLE TO DRIVE A STICK SHIFT VEHICLE. Please note if you can speak fluent Italian.

Authentic Italian MALES, ages 50-80, AFTRA or Non AFTRA. shoots 3/21 MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE PLAYING BOCCE BALL.

The scenes are set to film 3/11 or 3/21 with a required wardrobe fitting this week and 1960s hairstyle. Must be okay working around herbal cigarette smoke.


Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 2:43 PM
Subject: The 3rd Inigo Film Festival celebrates faith and spirituality on World Youth Day in Madrid

In the Spotlight, Withoutabox

Madrid - SPAIN
August 16 to 19, 2011

Dear Carson,

In the Spotlight this week is THE INIGO FILM FESTIVAL (TIFF), an international celebration of films on topics of faith and spirituality, taking place on World Youth Day in Madrid, Spain.

Organized by the Catholic Church, World Youth Day is attended by millions looking to build bridges between continents, peoples, and cultures. As such, TIFF's official selections screen in front of a large international audience, guaranteeing tremendous exposure. Winning filmmakers will receive transportation to attend the Festival in Madrid and the opportunity to promote their films in person, as well as awards and cash prizes totaling €5,000. An Audience Award will be presented as well as the Fidel Goetz Emerging Filmmaker Award, recognizing the best film by a young filmmaker who does not have access to professional equipment.

The Inigo Film Festival showcases short films made by filmmakers under the age of 35, covering a wide variety of interpretations on the Festival's theme, "City of God." The Festival seeks filmmakers who successfully integrate religious, spiritual, and social themes with the resources of film as a modern artistic medium.

Add to your Watchlist View Listing

March 15, 2011 - Regular Deadline
Upgraded projects save $5 on this deadline

The mission of The Inigo Film Festival is summed up by a quote from Pope John Paul II: "The cinema enjoys a wealth of languages, a multiplicity of styles and a variety of narrative forms that are truly great: from realism to fable, from history to science fiction, from adventure to tragedy, from comedy to news, from animated cartoon to documentary. It thus offers an incomparable storehouse of expressive means for portraying the various areas in which the human being finds himself and for interpreting his inescapable calling to the beautiful, the universal and the absolute."

Submitted films must be 20 minutes in runtime or less, and may explore spirituality, the experiences of today's youth, the presence or absence of God in our modern secularized world, or the twin dimensions of faith and justice.

If your film fits the bill, don't miss this chance to show your spiritual, illuminating, or religious film to appreciative audiences in Madrid during this spectacular event...submit to The Inigo Film Festival today!

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Film fest article with GIAA Fest mention