Friday, August 13, 2010

writers’ database and a bi-monthly screenplay contest

Alessandra Sarro, who has previously run the Latin USA Film Festival & Expo , is organizing a writers’ database and a bi-monthly screenplay contest. She has supplied the following information:

Please go to the site and join the contest database, this database is available to 25 production agencies affiliated with Big Idea and is FREE to join and WILL CREATE work opportunities for you.
Go to on the Prizes Page and Join Now!!!!!
And They also have a movie in pre-production about an Italian family and an Indian family .... Actors who are listed in the database will be sent information first and then they will look in other places to cast for this movie .

The Past Project from Big Idea was hosted at Madison Square Garden and Presented by NBC and Telemundo. Pupi Avati and CineCitta Studios were big
supporters as well. The website received 300,000 hits! ..This is a great opportunity for ALL!! Join Now!!

If you have a Script, TV Movie script, or query letter you can submit to win prizes and exposure. If you want to simply write an Essay, The THEME This month is: " All Things Italian" it will cost only $ 5 dollars to enter. One of the prizes is a showcased article about the author of the Essay on the Web site of the Modern Italian Network (500,000 members). This
is a great opportunity for exposure and a chance to support our fellow Italians!

Alessandra Sarro - Founder & CEO
Big Idea Writers Challenge, Inc.
Latin USA Film Festival & Expo.

Voice: 212 380 8863
243 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10016