Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paid Non-Equity tour

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VIRTUALLY ME! Theatre NON-EQUITY TOUR $460/wk plus per diem
Director: Jeremy Dobrish Casting Director: Jen Rudin, CSA
Auditions in NYC: Week of August 9 Developmental Readings: August 16 & August 23 in NYC First Rehearsal: September 13 in NYC First Performance: September 27 Final Performance: November 23
PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for actors of all ethnicities who are very funny and highly charismatic with basic dance/movement skills. The four students play one or two other roles, so they should each have the flexibility to speak in at least one comically believable foreign accent.
ZEKE: Looking for an actor to play 15 years old. Our master of ceremonies, he's a techno wiz with a degree of "geek-chic". Incredibly funny and kid-friendly, the supremely confident Zeke is always cooking up some sort of scheme, masking any doubts with his signature laid-back, devil-may-care coolness. Of course, when Zeke's online empire crumbles, the big-talker whimpers like a schoolgirl. He's no captain-of- the-football-team type, rather his "coolness" comes from the comfort he has in his own skin. Rock/Pop - Tenor (top G3)
LINDSAY: Looking for an actress to play 15 years old. A lovably superficial fashion- plate, i.e., "a head cheerleader with heart." Lindsay is likable despite a ditzy materialism infused with a likable, comic cheeriness. Brimming with hottie confidence, Lindsay doesn't put on airs-in fact, it's this raw, honest quality that breaks our hearts when things turn against her. Indie Ballad - Mezzo (top F#4)
CHLOE: Looking for an actress to play 15 years old. The cynical "best friend." Chloe is a brainiac with a serious texting addiction. Quick with her trademark dry wit and well-honed snarkiness, she is ten times smarter than everyone else. Chloe's an
organizational genius and might just be president of every club at school. Quasi Latin Pop - Mezzo (top D4)
JASPER: Looking for an actor to play 15 years old. The new kid in school. A good- looking, corn-fed innocent who's much more comfortable being Zeke's Wingman than being in charge. A very sweet kid who follows his heart and is always about a quarter- step behind in conversations, Jasper needs to learn to stand up for who he truly is. Pop - Tenor (top G3)
P-WIGS (Principal Wiggins) AND OTHERS: Looking for an actor to play 30-35 years old. A very flexible, comic character actor whose primary role is the slightly doofus-y P-Wigs, the friendly neighborhood principal who, when push comes to shove, reveals himself to be a tough-minded and warm-hearted authority figure. In addition to P-Wigs, this actor portrays a few broad comic characters, including SeƱora Jones (the Spanish teacher), Blue Collar UPS Guy, Lunch Lady Leona, Coach Lunkbaum and a few other assorted quick changes. Able to slip into and out of character types at will. Oh, and bonus points for a bona fide bald spot. Non-singing role.