Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GIAA's Rico Simonini in the NY Daily News

Click the link above to read a terrific column in the NY Daily News about GIAA's Dr. Rico Simonini, who has been starring as Smiley Manone in "Brooklyn USA" in Los Angeles. There are plans to bring the play to NY in the spring.

Italian-American Play "Graham & Frost" at PS 122

1st Irish Theatre Festival presents the world premiere of Graham & Frost, by Belinda McKeon and directed by Thomas G. Waites.

Three men from very different walks of life set about re-opening an abandoned restaurant in the old Italian section of Williamsburg. Each of these men has a stake in the old place, and each of them has something from which they want to hide. Behind the dusty storefront's still-shuttered door, they will not allow one another to escape as they are forced to face the secrets & the fears which stalk them all.

Funny, poignant, and cutting...this is a story about the complexities of calling a place home.

The play stars Steven Randazzo, Enrico Ciotti, and Dan Shaked
Tickets are $18, and available through http://www.ps122.org/ or http://www.ovationtix.com/
Further information at http://www.thesullivanproject.com/ and http://www.1stirish.org/

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Tomato Can't Grow in the Bronx NYC run starts 9/22

From Gary:
Here is the link to my new play, A Tomato Can't Grow in the Bronx, presented in association with GIAA. It's directed by Carlo Fiorletta and stars GIAA members Simcha Borenstein, Donna Castellano, Troy Dane and Alyson Linefsky, along with Bruce Levy and Jessica Renee Russell. It's about a dysfunctional family (hmm, is that redundant or what?) in the Bronx, circa 1964. The play runs at The Producers Club Wednesday, September 22 through Sunday, September 26. Hope everyone can make it!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sons of Italy September 16-19 Tappan NY

Click here to enlarge to full size
President Emeritus Paul Borghese and I ask that any GIAA member who can attend a table to hand out flyers or business cards or answer questions about GIAA please arrange with us a time to do this. Or those with families in the area can attend and join the fun. Grazie.

Friday, August 13, 2010

writers’ database and a bi-monthly screenplay contest

Alessandra Sarro, who has previously run the Latin USA Film Festival & Expo
www.latinusafilmfestival.org , is organizing a writers’ database and a bi-monthly screenplay contest. She has supplied the following information:

Please go to the site and join the contest database, this database is available to 25 production agencies affiliated with Big Idea and is FREE to join and WILL CREATE work opportunities for you.
Go to www.BigIdeaWritersChallenge.com on the Prizes Page and Join Now!!!!!
And They also have a movie in pre-production about an Italian family and an Indian family .... Actors who are listed in the database will be sent information first and then they will look in other places to cast for this movie .

The Past Project from Big Idea was hosted at Madison Square Garden and Presented by NBC and Telemundo. Pupi Avati and CineCitta Studios were big
supporters as well. The website received 300,000 hits! ..This is a great opportunity for ALL!! Join Now!!

If you have a Script, TV Movie script, or query letter you can submit to win prizes and exposure. If you want to simply write an Essay, The THEME This month is: " All Things Italian" it will cost only $ 5 dollars to enter. One of the prizes is a showcased article about the author of the Essay on the Web site of the Modern Italian Network (500,000 members). This
is a great opportunity for exposure and a chance to support our fellow Italians!

Alessandra Sarro - Founder & CEO
Big Idea Writers Challenge, Inc.
Latin USA Film Festival & Expo.

Voice: 212 380 8863
243 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10016

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ink Tip Pitch Summit

Ink Tip (http://www.inktip.com/ ) is a sponsor of the 4th Annual GIAA Festival of Short Films and Videos (http://www.giaafilmfest.com/ ).

The DEADLINE is almost here! Don't miss the Friday, August 13 deadline to register and attend the InkTip Pitch Summit.

See below for an article about the Pitch Summit by journalist Christina Hamlett.

At the typical pitching event, you only pitch to 10 to 15 companies and that's just not enough. We're focused on getting your scripts sold, so we're changing the writer / company ratio so you pitch to an average of 35 companies in a single day and for about the same price.

InkTip guarantees a 100% refund if you're not completely satisfied with the experience.

This will sell out, so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to attend. You can go herre to register:


Some of the nearly 200 companies attending include:

*Warner Bros.

*Atlas Entertainment



*Gersh Agency

Let me know if you have any questions.


Jerrol LeBaron

President, InkTip




By Christina Hamlett

When you step into the noisy, cattle-call throng of most film pitch festivals, it's hard not to hear the opening lyrics from A Chorus Line running through your head:

God I hope I get it!

I hope I get it.

I've come this far, but even so

It could be yes, it could be no,

How many people does he....?

I really need this job.

You start to question whether you've worn the right outfit. You stress as you mentally rehearse the spiel you've so carefully rehearsed, only to realize that you now can't remember a single thing past, "Hi, my name is -". You panic that your appointment is just before lunch and the rep is distracted with thoughts of where to go eat. You panic that your appointment is right after lunch and the rep is going to be grump from an upset stomach. You freak out that everyone else around you looks so cool and calm and confident because they just their their scripts are potential blockbusters. Is your script that good? You're now if full crisis mode that this script is the worst thing you've ever written and that you really should have stayed up all night finishing that other script you started six months ago about mutant eels.

While the staff at InkTip doesn't have magic wands to make your angst vanish, they do promise two days of exciting opportunities this September to share your work with film industry pros that have the power to make dreams come true. The InkTip Pitch Summit is a natural extensio of the unique services they've been providing to writers, agents, and production companies for over ten years. To date, more than 100 movies have been produced as a result of connections made through its website, magazine, and e-newsletters in addition to hundreds more writers that have been hired, repped and had scripts optioned. It's a track record the company is proud of and it's now taking things a step further by bringing reps from nearly 200 companies to Universal Studios Hilton on September 25th and 26th to meet talented writers like you in person. The enthusiasm of participating studios such as Lionsgate, Creative Convergence, Popart Film Factory, Runaway Productions, Sogno Productions and Tower 17 Productions is understandably high; they've already taken InkTip scripts to the silver screen and can't wait to see more!

If you've attended pitch events in the past, you've probably come away with the impression that the sponsors' goals were not only to shoehorn as many attendees as possible into a room but that any interest in successful outcomes lasted about as long as it took to process the entry fees. Nor were you likely to talk to more than a handful of reps while you were there - a pretty poor return for the investment of transportation, lodging, meals, and parking.

This is where InkTip takes a major departure from the herd. For one thing, the event is specifically targeted to writers have completed a polished, feature-length script. As has been my own experience on either side of the consultation table, too often the glamour of rubbing elbows with the industry pros has attracted individuals that don't know the first thing about writing a screenplay, much less respectfully and efficiently pitching one. This not only limits the amount of quality time available to writers that are committed to their craft but is a turn-off to reps that have to sit through boatloads of copious drivel with a pained smile on their faces. Is it any wonder that their heads are hurting by the time it's your turn to talk to them? InkTip's protocol in getting out the word to serious screenwriters has enabled them to attract such a high caliber of representation, they know their five minutes of one-on-one sessions aren't going to be wasted. The response to this approach has been so fantastic that owner/founder Jerrol LeBaron is expected at least five feature films to be produced and a slew of options, hires, and reps as a result of this one event.

Secondly, writers attending the Summit will be able to pitch 35 different companies instead of the 8 or 10 which is customary at other pitching events. InkTip has also ensured that the company reps that will be on hand are actual decision-makers and development execs that read screenplays for a living and not just someone expendable from a studio's accounting office. Last but not least, follow-up is another important component of this event, InkTip's commitment to you and your career doesn't end when these two days are over.

In addition to rpivate pitch sessions, there will be expert panel discussions and various other seminars. A full schedule is available at http://www.inktippitchsummit.com . The first reistration deadline is August 13th but passes are expected to sell out prior to that date. In the coming weeks, I'll be kproviding tips on how to make the most of your InkTip Pitch Summit experience as well as sharing insider insights from the company reps that will be in attendance.

Christina Hamlett


Monday, August 9, 2010

A Tomato Can't Grow in the Bronx Theatermania Link


Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gary Morgenstein's play mentioned in today's NY Post

GIAA member Gary Morgenstein's play A Tomato Can't Grow in the Bronx goes up Sept 22-26 at the Producer's Club. Carlo Fiorletta is directing; GIAA members Troy Dane, Simcha Borenstein, & Alyson Linefsky are all featured.

The play got a nice mention in today's NY Post:

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Paid Non-Equity tour

Casting Notice
Broadway Camp, Long Island - Only a Few Spots Left
Announcing Fall & Winter One-Day Workshops & Classes
Don't get shut out of classes! Register Now for NYC, NJ & Long Island Programs

VIRTUALLY ME! Theatre NON-EQUITY TOUR $460/wk plus per diem
Director: Jeremy Dobrish Casting Director: Jen Rudin, CSA
Auditions in NYC: Week of August 9 Developmental Readings: August 16 & August 23 in NYC First Rehearsal: September 13 in NYC First Performance: September 27 Final Performance: November 23
PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for actors of all ethnicities who are very funny and highly charismatic with basic dance/movement skills. The four students play one or two other roles, so they should each have the flexibility to speak in at least one comically believable foreign accent.
ZEKE: Looking for an actor to play 15 years old. Our master of ceremonies, he's a techno wiz with a degree of "geek-chic". Incredibly funny and kid-friendly, the supremely confident Zeke is always cooking up some sort of scheme, masking any doubts with his signature laid-back, devil-may-care coolness. Of course, when Zeke's online empire crumbles, the big-talker whimpers like a schoolgirl. He's no captain-of- the-football-team type, rather his "coolness" comes from the comfort he has in his own skin. Rock/Pop - Tenor (top G3)
LINDSAY: Looking for an actress to play 15 years old. A lovably superficial fashion- plate, i.e., "a head cheerleader with heart." Lindsay is likable despite a ditzy materialism infused with a likable, comic cheeriness. Brimming with hottie confidence, Lindsay doesn't put on airs-in fact, it's this raw, honest quality that breaks our hearts when things turn against her. Indie Ballad - Mezzo (top F#4)
CHLOE: Looking for an actress to play 15 years old. The cynical "best friend." Chloe is a brainiac with a serious texting addiction. Quick with her trademark dry wit and well-honed snarkiness, she is ten times smarter than everyone else. Chloe's an
organizational genius and might just be president of every club at school. Quasi Latin Pop - Mezzo (top D4)
JASPER: Looking for an actor to play 15 years old. The new kid in school. A good- looking, corn-fed innocent who's much more comfortable being Zeke's Wingman than being in charge. A very sweet kid who follows his heart and is always about a quarter- step behind in conversations, Jasper needs to learn to stand up for who he truly is. Pop - Tenor (top G3)
P-WIGS (Principal Wiggins) AND OTHERS: Looking for an actor to play 30-35 years old. A very flexible, comic character actor whose primary role is the slightly doofus-y P-Wigs, the friendly neighborhood principal who, when push comes to shove, reveals himself to be a tough-minded and warm-hearted authority figure. In addition to P-Wigs, this actor portrays a few broad comic characters, including SeƱora Jones (the Spanish teacher), Blue Collar UPS Guy, Lunch Lady Leona, Coach Lunkbaum and a few other assorted quick changes. Able to slip into and out of character types at will. Oh, and bonus points for a bona fide bald spot. Non-singing role.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

AFTRA notice re Once Upon A Time Films Ltd/Sordid Productions LLC

AFTRA has requested that we post the following notice to our members regarding Once Upon A Time Films Ltd/Sordid Productions LLC:
Dear Colleagues:

Below please find a notice declaring the above-referenced companies unfair and a “do not work” order issued to all AFTRA members and AFTRA franchised talent agents. This notice can also be found on the AFTRA website at www.aftra.com/EE8E93D204CE41BFB97DDBCED0765807.htm

We respectfully request your support, including a notice to your members, as members of the Four A’s, not to accept employment with these companies until such time as they have met their obligations and are removed from the unfair producer list by AFTRA.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact AFTRA Los Angeles Local Executive Director Bill Thomas (bthomas@aftra.com), or AFTRA National Counsel Tom Carpenter (tcarpent@aftra.com).

Thank you for your assistance and support.



Kim Roberts Hedgpeth
National Executive Director
5757 Wilshire Blvd., 9th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90036