Thursday, May 6, 2010

Minutes of GIAA meeting of May 5

The meeting was called to order at 6:45 PM by President Carlo Fiorletta.

Issues discussed were as follows:
4A’s: Mara Lesemann represented GIAA on the ad hoc committee that was formed to review the jurisdictional dispute between AGMA and Equity regarding which union would represent the performers in the current Broadway show Come Fly With Me.

The next 4A’s meeeting is scheduled for May 26. Carlo Fiorletta will attend; members
interested in attending as well should contact him at

Equity: Rachel Caccese and Alyson Linefsky are eligible to join Equity. Once they have submitted their application, they should inform Mara Lesemann so that she can provide Equity with the required documentation. Simcha Borenstein has been through the process most recently and can provide color on the experience.

Theater production: Gary Morgenstein’s play You Can’t Grow Tomatoes in the Bronx, which was read at a meeting a few months ago, was not accepted by the NYC Fringe Festival this year. We’re exploring the possibility of putting it up separately as a GIAA production; members will be kept informed of progress on that subject.

Elections: No competing slate came forward during the nominating period so the vote was to approve the slate below. Carlo Fiorletta made a motion for a vote, Gary Morgenstein seconded, and it passed unanaimously.

President: Carlo Fiorletta
1st Vice President : Carson Grant
2nd Vice President : Debbie Klaar
Secretary/Treasurer: Mara Lesemann
Councilor: Lou Nargi
Councilor: Elaine LeGaro
Councilor: Ron Piretti
Alternate Councilor: Simcha Borenstein
Alternate Councilor: Lauren Cozza

Reading: The reading of guest artist Dan Fiorlella’s screenplay Hitler’s Script was well received by those in attendance.

Following an informal discussion of the script, the meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM.

Mara Lesemann