Thursday, March 18, 2010

Italian dual citizen for work? Please contact ASAP

Contact Miriam directly. phone:001 212 269 3438
> Subject: Press request public german TV
> To:
> Dear Dear GIAA/Team,
> this is a exceptional press request: My name is Miriam, I am a reporter
> for the huge public german TV Station "Deutsche Welle"
> ( It is broadcasting worldwide and comparable with BBC
> world.
> At the moment I do a complicated research and thought that you could
> probably help me. We want to make a small movie on the rough thesis,
> that within the crisis more and more Americans try to find out their
> European or other foreign roots. In mind that they probably get the
> possibility to get a second passport and dual citizenship in hope that
> they have better, or additional job-chances in the country of their
> forefathers.
> For that I am looking urgently for someone who is applying for a dual
> citizenship to work in Europe. For example an Italian-American who wants
> to work in Italy. I thought probably you could help me and know somebody
> over your network?!
> I am a videojournalist, which means it’s not a big deal with a whole
> camera-crew – it’s just me and a small handheld-camera who would like to
> meet the person.
> Thank you so much for a reply, even when it’s negative – then I can
> change my research-strategy. Maybe you have an advice how I can find
> such a person?!
> Warm regards
> Miriam
> miriam braun
> ....................
> radio correspondent & VJ
> financial & business
> new york german press
> 001 212 269 3438