Wednesday, December 9, 2009


via GIAA member Carson Grant. Thanks.

Dave Burdette (casting coord.) is casting Silver Tongues, a film shot on Red about a wandering couple traveling the road who become different people in each town they descend upon, playing a gleefully sadistic game of deceit. Producer states: "There is major coverage and close-up footage needed on the background for this film." Jared Trimble, prod. Shooting Dec. 11-12 & 15-17; most performers are needed for only one day.

Seeking—Gerry's Wife; Police Officer; Elderly Patients; Joan's Husband; Prisoner; Churchgoers; Joan's Daughter: 8-12; Desk Sergeant; Organist; Waiters; Restaurant Diners; Usher; Pregnant Woman; Chef; Miserable Woman. Note: Seeking several types of featured background artists. The majority of performers are needed for just one day. Elderly Patients are needed for up to three days, Nurse for four days, and Churchgoers for two days. Through these scenes it is important to show the lifestyles and emotions of the surrounding people to the lead couple.

Email pix & résumés ASAP to No pay, but meals and travel provided.

Categories: Nonunion Film (201-572-2149- mention Carson)
Production Personnel: Dave Burdette, casting coord.; Jared Trimble, prod.
Approximate production dates & locations: Shooting Dec. 4, 5, 7-9, 11-12 & 15-17; most performers are needed for only one day.
Pay: No Pay
Male/female role: Male, Female
Age Range: Child (ages 6-12), Thirties (ages 30-39), Forties (ages 40-49), Older (50-65), Senior (66+)
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White
Nudity: No