Thursday, October 15, 2009

Actors in costume to promote Arts Festival $15/hr

From: John Chatterton
Sender: John Chatterton

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I'm looking for 2 young actors, male and female, to represent an open-studio event for a local (Manhattan) civic organization on SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 1 - 5 pm. The actors will dress as artists (floppy hat, paint-stained smock, etc.). Training and final fitting on Friday. The gig involves handing out flyers and giving a short rap (probably indoors) to passing strangers. Pay is $15 per hour including final fitting and training. Please send me a current headshot, resume, and reference in reply to this E-mail, ASAP. Time is of the essence!
John Chatterton
Producer, Midtown International Theatre Festival
Proprietor, Where Eagles Dare rehearsal studios and theatre