Thursday, August 13, 2009

Zipcar discount now available to GIAA members

See the information below regarding a discount on Zipcar rentals that is now available to GIAA members.

Please note that you must be fully up-to-date on membership fees & dues to qualify for the discount.


Greetings from Zipcar!
Zipcar and GIAA have joined forces to provide you access to Zipcars at a discounted rate! Zipcar is a national carsharing program with more than 5,000 vehicles that is designed to enhance personal and business travel while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and costs and hassles associated with rental cars and privately owned vehicles.

How Does it Work:

To use Zipcars, employees simply:
Reserve the vehicle online
Walk to the vehicle location
Swipe their Zipcard over the card reader
Drive away.

The reservation includes the cost of gas, parking, insurance and mileage. You will always get the vehicle you reserved with no extra charges, up sells or rental car lines.
Through our corporate account you may take advantage of:

Discounted membership & driving rates (only $9/hour or $69/day Monday-Friday in NY for most Zipcars).

More than 20 makes and models including; pickup trucks, MINIs, Convertibles, BMWs, Hybrids and Outbacks.
Easy access to vehicles that live in neighborhoods all over the city. Click to find cars nearest you.

Universal membership which allows you to seamlessly use Zipcars in Boston, NYC, Washington DC, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, London and more to come…

Sign up Today: To become a Zipcar Member, take a few minutes to fill out the online application:

Note: Make sure to have your license information and your credit card ready to complete the application. Insurance approval takes 1-3 days.

** Already a Zipcar member, please contact us and we will happily transfer you over to the GIAA plan and discount.

For application assistance and/or account questions, please contact: 1-866-4-Zipcar or NY Account Executive Inbal Samuel at
Tel 646 616 3690