Monday, August 10, 2009

Sezze Sun by Odyssey Productions at 46 Walker St.

I saw this play last night, check out the show and company if you get the chance.
When I see advertisements involving Italy, I tend to cringe, but this was rather beautiful.
Sweet and salty, sometimes sour. The actors were all talented and energetic. The direction swift-paced, and technical direction had no more than a glitch or two. Short and sweet: just over an hour. Multi-media: 3 cameras and a technical director control TV views.
Characters involve parents and an adult child battling for control , and the production of a reality show. What could be more timely. The set is great, too. Note the floor especially.
Some of the dialogue involved past events which could have been performed, maybe outside the reality event. Likewise the postcard seems to represent drinking ( alcohol ). We hear the exposition of multiple characters drinking, We don't see much, except for one character at a time, although it is well played. A good deal for the equity showcase price.
Ciao. Carlo Fiorletta, Pres.