Sunday, June 14, 2009

"Terranova" Jun 18 auditions Producers Club 44st NYC

Grazie giaa member katie ribis for pointing this out.-CF

"Terranova" - open auditions Monreale Productions, Bellmore, NY
Call TypeNon-Required Principal
Date of Audition6/18/2009
LocationProducer's Club358 West 44th StreetNew York, NY 10036

Time(s)Thursday, June 18, 2009 - OPEN Auditions (Equity/non)1:15 PM — 4 PM
AppointmentsNo appointment necessary.> A monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition.
PersonnelContact: Jean Marie Donnelly
Other Dates1st rehearsal: July 13, 2009. Part of Fringe NYC 2009Roles:Josefina Terranova:16 year old Sicilian immigrant, beautiful and vulnerable, yet capable of violence. She is intelligent and compelling, exerting a charismatic influence on others, even though she is young and victimized. Gaetano Reggio:40s. Uncle to Josefina. Sicilian immigrant, successful businessman. He still has the mark of the old country on him, and is both respected and feared by his family and social circle. He uses his powers to dominate those around him. He regards Josefina as his property. Concetta Reggio:30s-40s. Aunt to Josefina. Sicilian immigrant, wife to Gaetano. She lords it over those around h er, as the wife of a successful man. Her husband terrorizes her. John Palmieri:30s Josefina’s lawyer. An Italian immigrant, well assimilated into American society. The first non-native born Italian to become a Federal Judge, he was also removed from the bench by political maneuvering. He resents Hearst's easy access to opportunities, even as he accepts the power structure that has given him prestige and success. William Randolph Hearst:Early 40s. Benefactor of Josefina. Harvard educated, wealthy son of a US Senator, he is in the newspaper business. He sees Josefina’s sensational trial as a way to increase sales of the NY Journal, the paper he is establishing in NY. Dorothy Dix:Early 40s A woman reporter, who is paid by Hearst to cover the trial. She is an ambitious woman from Tennessee, who has made her way in a man’s world. Giuseppe Terranova:20s Husband to Josefina. Giuseppe is simple, transparent. He is in love with Josefina, but too much a part of his culture for that love to survive the revelations of her abuse. Maria D’Angelo 30s. Aunt to Josefina. She is a troublemaking woman whose main goal is to protect the inheritance that she and her husband expect from Reggio. She sees Josefina as a threat to that.
The Alienist(doubled with Giuseppe Terranova):20s-60s A forensic psychologist who uses primitive means to determine Josefina’s sanity at the request of the court. The Matron(doubled with Maria D’Angelo):20s-60s Josefina’s jailer in the Tombs