Sunday, March 8, 2009

Subject: Nickelback Music Video Non-Union rate

Matt @ Impossible going all hours with this one.From acclaimed director Nigel Dick (who's credits include music videos for Bush, Oasis, Brittney Spears, Hinder and so many more) and the Director/Producers of the cult-classic SNL Shorts '...In My Pants' and 'I'm On A Boat,' we couldn't WAIT to bring you this breakdown for their next project: Nickelback's "If Today Was Your Last Day" Music Video.Now, there's a VERY specific breakdown with VERY specific submission instructions, so if you see something you're going to submit for, please read it through and submit with ALL of the information we're requesting. Turnaround on this is VERY short and providing the info makes it easier on us & you.Enjoy!=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=NEW CASTING: Nickelback Music Video=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=TYPE: Music Video (Non Jurisdictional, SAG & NON-SAG may apply)ARTIST: Nickelback "If Today Was Your Last Day"DIRECTOR: Nigel DickRATES:--EXTRA: $75SHOOT LOCATION: NYC & PHILLYSHOOT DATES: (See Character Specific Shoot Dates Below)March 11th (Phila)March 12th (New York)SEEKING:EXTRAS: "Philadelphians"M or F/ 16-50's/ Any Ethnicity/ The Day To Day of Philadelphia (To Be Shot in NY). Workers, Commuters, Office Types, Teens, Messengers? the type of people you'd find around Philadelphia commuting mid-day. Will shoot in Phila March 11th.EXTRAS: Times SquareM or F/ Any Age/ Any Ethnicity/ The pulse of New York City! All types and ages, colorful characters or normal Joes, Families or Buskers. Looking for colorful, energetic individuals that you'd normally come across in Times Square (Tourist Types Too!)Will shoot in NYC March 12th.SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:For Extras Roles:SUBMIT VIA EMAIL (Include Name, 1 Snapshot, Contact #, Confirmation of availability for SPECIFIC Shoot Date for Extra. Specify if you are a "Times Square" or "Philadelphian" Extra. If you are available for both, PLEASE SUBMIT TWICE for specific Extra Role. CONFIRMATION of Booking will come directly from your submission via email, so be sure to check it.EMAIL TO: extra@impossiblecasting.comSUBJECT: Nickelback Video: EXTRA (Philly or NYC) & Your Name