Thursday, March 19, 2009

GIAA's new web site & how to upgrade your listing

GIAA's website has been improved and upgraded - take a look: The new site includes links to the blog and to the film festival website, as well as a PayPal button to expedite and simplify payments. It's a great new environment - the old site served us well for 10+ years, but had become outdated.

The Members Profiles and Photos section is now in color, and can accommodate clickable e-mail addresses and links to your personal web site. You can also include a link to a pdf file of your full resume. See a sample here:

The cost to upgrade an existing listing is $25. You can also choose to stay with the old listing for no additional charge, but no further updates will be done to that page. Information on this will be included with dues notices, which will go out in April (after tax time) and are due in May. If you cannot offord or choose not to upgrade, that is fine; you can pay if and when you decide to upgrade.

If you do want to upgrade, e-mail to : (1) a headshot in jpg format, color, maximum 300 pixels wide, length about 450-470, 200 dpi, with NO borders or names on the photo and (2) your resume in pdf format, with contact information, telephone, e-mail, your web site, agency (phone number not address), and union affiliations.

Payment of the $25 fee can be mailed to GIAA or paid via paypal to