Friday, January 30, 2009

NJ Play reading February 21 many roles

if you are interested in any of these roles, please write to
Casey Buttari directly at

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From: Bob Whittaker

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characters yet to be cast:

Sean Vanzetti - preferably early twenties. Janitor and EXTREMELY small time
thief. Trying to organize a large scale heist. Brooklyn born and raised.

Erica Espinal - anywhere from late teens to mid twenties. Born and raised
uptown. A wild and untamed punk in her teens, she has since become a medical
student and has gotten engaged.

Xavier Espinal - Anywhere past twenties. Erica's father. Once a poor dress
cutter in Manhattan's Washington Heights, an thread fiber he invented made him,
and his family wealthy. He now lives comfortably as a minor socialite in Queens.

Ridley Ates - Preferably late thirties, any age will probably work. An extremely
paranoid police inspector. Claims he previously worked for the CIA, chasing
Soviet double agents. He is also not what he seems to be.

(and possibly, since I might have someone)Brian Kellog - early to mid twenties.
Erica's fiancee. He is also a medical resident. Dean's list all throughout
college along with a multitude of other honors. Cold, stiff, highly

If you can find anybody, it would be great. I'm working with the other confirmed
actors on a schedule. I should have it to you in a few days, along with the

Casey Buttari