This email is being sent to those who has been involved with the 4As as a delegate, alternate or staff for whom I currently have an email address.
At the 4As Board Meeting in August, several people advised me that they had never seen the letter to 4As President Bikel from John Sweeney, the then President of the AFL-CIO. President Sweeney's letter was informed by a letter to him from Peter diCicco which made several recommendations which, if followed, would impact on the future of the 4As. It is these two letters which formed the basis for the document provided by Kim Roberts Hedgpeth which was discussed by the Board on August 22nd.
I have attached both Mr. diCicco's and Mr. Sweeney's letters to this email. There are some handwritten notes on Mr. diCicco's letter which should be ignored. I apologize if you have previously received a copy of these letters but the most expeditious way to get them to those who do not have them was to send the letters to my entire list.
Mary Lou