Saturday, September 6, 2008

Observations: 4 A’.s Fall Meeting by Councilor Carson Grant

Hats and gloves were left at the door, as I was surrounded by eloquent speakers and the sense of an artists’ unified missions, discussing the future of the 4A’s, a necessary judicial forum, a ‘checks and balances’ within the artists’ community, OR being unilaterally absorbed by the Department of Professional Employees (DPE).

Much was spoken of the importance of Labor unions and the decrease in membership, across all American trades. The history and victories of the unions for the individual; work conditions, health and welfare, are always being challenged by the employer’s bottom-line profit margin. Yesterday is already too late to be concerned; but with the few manning the front of workers’ justice, preparations have been continually developed to fend off the storms.

With concerns for the ‘new media’, presently in place and integrated in society’s daily lives; on the internet: streaming video of live and prerecorded materials, advertising using still and moving images, stock banks, data bases, archives, and libraries; portable storage players: chips, downloads, cd-rom and dvd, and the next generation satellite transmissions, the employers are all looking to collect and cash into the profits.

With this status of media usage universally, laborers spanning all arts and science, must be ready to protect the professional contributions of the individuals and groups. A call to the youth to step forward, educate oneself in the history and accomplishments of the labor movements, then join hands with the elder members, to become involved with issues effecting all workers nationally and internationally.

The 4A’s fall meeting, remembering past members, retirement, and a delicious contribution, concluded.