Thursday, June 19, 2008

"BERRY SEASON" read at GEAR public goes up.

An FYI to GIAA members, some may remember past GEAR public reading of this.
Subject: FW: Algonquin One Act Festical - Please let me know if you have received this...
Date: Wednesday, June 18, 2008, 11:38 AM
Hey, Carlo....

This is out of the blue, but......would you be interested
in directing an Equity Showcase production of my play,
BERRY SEASON? Gear did a reading of this one a couple of
years's a ten minute short, sexy's one performance July 7 in the Algonquin
Theatre One act festival...If it's chosen best play of
the night, they do it again the end of the week...following
is their information....

If you can't/don't want to, it's okay,
they'll give me a director.

Rosemary Frisino Toohey

Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 17:22:40 -0400From:
DThetrdave@aol.comSubject: Algonquin One Act Festical -
Please let me know if you have received this...
TO: One Act Writers
FROM: Tony Sportiello


If you are receiving this email, it means that your
play has been selected to compete in the first annual
Algonquin Theater One Act Festival, to be held at the brand
new Algonquin Theater, 123 East 24th Street, NY NY. The
Festival runs July 7th-13th. From July 7th through 12th we
will show six one acts per night. Aty the end of the
evening, one play will be selected to be published in our
upcoming book of Algonquin One Acts. The judges will come
from an independent panel of writers, directors and
producers with no affiliation to any of the plays in that
evening. On the 13th we will present all of the one acts
selected. However, Algonquin Theater may use any or all of
the plays at another time (with your permission, of course)
for other one act festivals or presentations. If your play
has already been published or if you are not interested in
Algonquin including it in our publication, please let us
know immediately so we can choose other plays. The terms
of publication will be very fair and will not prohibit you
from having your play presented or published in other
venues or forums.

You should know that more than 350 one act plays were
submitted to Algonquin, so basically your play had a 10%
chance of making it through. Congratulations again.

The following is a list of the nights when each play
will be presented. Please note that the evenings have been
planned based on a number of factors, including length, cast
size and style. We've tried very hard not to have six
comedies in one evening followed by six dramas in the next.
Also, each evening is timed to finish in less than two
hours, including an intermission and set changes.
Therefore, let's hold to this schedule, please. Note
that this is not necessarily the order in which the one
acts will appear per evening. Also note that we are asking
the casts to take their curtain calls at the end of the
evening as opposed to when their one act is finished. The
reason for this is we would like to avoid huge parades of
people leaving after seeing their friend's performance.
It just makes it more fair for those at the end of the
evening so hopefully they're not playing in front of
six people.

Directors/casts. Algonquin has access to a large
supply of qualified directors and actors who would love to
work on your show. Having said that, this is 36 plays
we're talking about here. If you have your own
director, that would be great. If you need a director, let
us know as soon as possible. Email Tony Sportiello at

This will be done as an Equity showcase. Tickets will
be $15 apiece. We will have it on smarttix soon.

Once we have all directors for all the shows we will
be holding a meeting to go over the rules and order of the
evenings and answer any questions they might have. In the
meantime, please visit our website at

See you soon!

Tony Sportiello
Artistic Director
Algonquin Theater Productions

Monday July 7th 7:00pm

Reconstructing Julie
Buried at Sea
Berry Season
Please Remove The Stuffed Animals
Party Lights

Tuesday July 8th, 7pm

Double Whammy
The Wonderful World of Science
The Writer's Circle
A Glass of Water
Kung Foolery

Wednesday July 9th, 7pm

Keeping Pace
Party Girl
A Moving Experience
Danny and Rose
Oh, Momma
Rainbow Sprinkles

Thursday - July 10th, 7pm

Five More Minutes
Smash and Grab
The Good News
Brotherly Love

Friday - July 11th, 7pm

Poor Ronnie's Almanack
Why Emily Chose That Outfit
Five O'Clock
Showdown at Table 5
The Education of Macolocco
When The Bed Bugs Bite

Saturday - July 12th, 2pm

For Want of a Shoe
For The Love of Miss Bishop
Tech Support
On The Bench

-- Tony SportielloArtistic DirectorAlgonquin Theater