Monday, April 28, 2008

Minutes of GIAA Meeting April 25, 2008

The following points were approved in the business portion of the April 25 GIAA meeting:

1. Effective immediately, Simcha Borenstein will replace Michelle Pucci as an Alternate Councilor.

2. Each member who is listed on the GIAA website will be limited to two free changes of headshot and/or posted information (i.e., credits, contact info) per calendar year. Any changes beyond that will incur a charge of $10 per change. IMPORTANT NOTE: The two free changes cannot be carried forward: not making a change in 2008 does not entitle a member to three free changes in 2009.

3. Any member who is two years delinquent in paying dues will be removed from the web site. However, the member will be returned to the web site without additional charge if the dues are paid.

4. Any member who submits a movie or screenplay to the GIAA Festival of Short Films and Videos will receive a credit of 20% of the submission fee toward their dues. This credit DOES apply to multiple submissions.

Following the discussion of GIAA business, 3 short screenplays were read and discussed, and new member Tony Giametta was welcomed.