Thursday, March 20, 2008

Feature Film: SAG and NON

"All Good Things" feature film. The film takes place from 1973-1983. It is being shot primarily in Connecticut and all fittings will take place in NYC. Shooting will begin mid-April through mid-June.

Open Call: Fri., 3/28
- SAG Men and Women 10AM-12:30 PM
- Non-SAG Men and Women 1PM-3PM
Eleftherios Church
359 West 24th Street ( just east of 9th Ave.)
(Lobby is wheelchair accessible and we will come and meet).

Please bring picture and resume and attach a current snapshot that shows what you look like today. Please write on your resume all stats including all clothing sizes. Men notate if you will be growing hair and moustache.

Men w/Long Hair: Males who are willing to grow their hair longer, grow sideburns, and grow moustaches and beards, 20+.
Hippie and Druggie-types: Males and females with long hair and slim bodies, any ethnicity, 20's. Talent should look like hippies or druggies.
Upscale-types: Males and females, 30+. Men's hair and sideburns should be somewhat long. Talent should be upscale, conservative business-types.

SAG and Non-SAG talent may attend the Open Call.