Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TWO DETECTIVES casting notice

TWO DETECTIVES (Non-Union Stage)

Written by Dan Landon, produced playwright and long
time Broadway Manager,
will be going up at Manhattan Rep. the first week in
March. 'Two Detectives'
is a noir mystery set in Manhattan during the summer
of 1999; it is
imperative that all actors are familiar with the
genre. Highly professional,
extremely disciplined actors ONLY.

Seeking: *Bobby Sullivan*: 35-42, attractive, blue
collar Detective with a
heart of gold. Not the smartest guy in the room, but
certainly the most
sincere. Must be an ace at both comedy and drama.
*Gino Rocco: * 67,
Detective, character actor, gentle, endearing, often
unintentionally funny.
*Tommy Sullivan:* 65, Retired Detective, living
legend. Edgy, smartass,
Irish. *Billy Friendly*: mid 50s, bartender. *Drunk
* : Character Actor, mid
30s. Overweight. *Barzinsky:* 49-69, Russian
immigrant. Tough, wise guy,
vulnerable side. *Jacob Lasky: 77*, Holocaust
survivor. *Rachel Lasky: *43,
a Garment District Executive. Assertive, bold,
Ruehl/Frances McDormand type.) *Sasha:* FTM trans,
36, Russian Mobster,
totally 'passable.' *Andre*: 40s, Russian Mobster.
*Andy Lopez*: 55, Latino,
NYPD Cop-sarcastic, tough. *Dave Kawalski:* 56,
Lopez's sidekick. *Rhonda
Savoy * : 30, beautiful, Russian accent, commanding
presence, mysterious,
classy, seductive, must have some sign of curves.

Must be available to rehearse on Saturdays.
Auditions will be held January
21st by appointment only. Please send all
submissions to: The Cameron
Company attn: Two Detectives; 309 Park St. Upper
Montclair, NJ 07043. Be
sure to list what roles you would like to be
considered for on the back of
the envelope. Online submissions will be accepted.
Please put name and
role/s of interest in subject line. Email:
cameroncompany@gmail.com . No
pay, maximum exposure.