Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Meeting Minutes January 25, 2008

New member Dennis Russo was interviewed on camera at 3:30 pm and had to leave due to other commitments.

GIAA President Carlo Fiorletta called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.

In attendance were GIAA members Lou Nargi, Simcha Borenstein, Mara Lesemann, and Carson Grant, plus guest playwrights Gregg Greenberg and Bob Moskowitz.

New business:

1. Two new members joined since the previous meeting: Simcha Borenstein and Dennis

2. The second annual GIAA Festival of Short Films and Videos has opened for submissions. The festival will take place on Sat Oct 4 & Sun Oct 5 at Anthology Film Archives in Manhattan.

3. The AFL-CIO has issues a book of information on all Secretary/Treasurers of member unions; Mara Lesemann will follow up with the SAG Secretary/Treasurer Connie Stevens.

4. GIAA will present a staged reading of Clemenza and Tessio Are Dead by Gregg Greenberg and Bob Moskowitz at the Wings Theater on Friday April 11.

Following the discussion of new business, the balance of the meeting was a reading of Clemenza and Tessio Are Dead and the first ten pages of Dennis Russo's work-in-progress Wally and Hodges.

The meeting concluded at 8:30 PM.