Friday, November 23, 2007

Non Union Talent wanted by WPI Talent per Joe Tudisco

W.P.I. Talent has been submitting actors for union projects for over
ten years, we now would like to add a non-union division headed up by
Manager Irene Patsas. These submissions will be for paying principal
(no background) `non-union work only' in the following areas: film,
TV, theatre, commercials and print work. We are looking for all types
from the ages of 15yrs and up. We are requesting 7(no more than 7)
photos for submissions. We will submit everyone for at least 7
projects, should we like to continue submitting you, we will contact
you for more photos. Please follow the criteria listed below. Any
variation and you package will not be considered.

1- You must be completely non-union. No SAG, AFTRA or EQUITY will be
2- You must be available for auditions in NYC on a short notice. No
work conflicts please.
3- You must submit color photos only. No B & W. They should be
professional. No snapshots or self taken photos.
4- You must have a professional style resume, trimmed and attached to
your color photo.
5- No demo tapes, postcards, DVD's, website links, cover letters …etc,
6- Include with P&R's, on a 8X10 white sheet of paper (typed or neatly
printed) your name, mailing address, contact phone numbers and your
e-mail address. Also add any restrictions … such as, "No out of town
theatre" or any other restrictions. Please note that we do not and
will not submit to adult (porn) projects.
7- No phone calls. No visits. No dropoffs.
8- There is no fee attached for submissions. You will be required to
pay 15% on your gross pay for all areas except for PRINT which will
require a 20% commission on the gross. This is only for work that you
audition and book through our agency.
9- If we have success with you, it could result in your being added to
our roster of union actors (and some non-union actors) for union
10- MAIL TO:
9728 3rd AVENUE
SUITE #451

Thanks you and we look forward to working with you.

I. Patsas, Manager