Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New GIAA member Katie Ribis in "White Christmas"

Congrats, Katie
> Hi Mara and Everyone,
I hope you are all well and happy.? You probably
> remember my e-mail letting you know that I won't be
> able to make the November meeting (as much as I
> wanted to) because I had a vacation planned to the
> Domenican Republic.? Well, I still can't make the
> meeting, unfortunately, but I am also not going to
> the DR.? I had to cancel the vacation because I
> received a call last week from The Cohoes Music Hall
> (Cohoes, NY) asking them to be in their upcoming
> production of "White Christmas"!? I love that show
> -especially since tap and jazz are my favorite forms
> of dance - so I said "Yes!"? The show runs from Nov
> 30th to Dec 16: rehearsals start Monday Nov 12th, so
> I'm driving up there the first thing this Monday
> morning.? > So, again, please know that I honestly am looking
> forward to meeting you all someday soon.? Also I
> wish everyone a healthy and very, very happy and
> blessed Christmas season.
> Thank you for all you do.?? Very sincerely yours,
> Katie (Ribis) >