Thursday, November 1, 2007

Casting Call: Columbia U. Student film."Family Meat"

From: "Giorgia Farina"
Date: 01 Nov 2007, 04:35:23 PM
Subject: Columbia University graduate short film

Giorgia Farina writes:
> Hi,
> I'm Giorgia Farina, a second year MFA film candidate at Columbia University.
> I'm interested to place a job opportunity for your actors.
> Let me first introduce myself, I was born and raised up in Italy then
> moved to UK and USA to pursue a BA in Sociology and Media Studies and
> my Master in Directing for Film.
> Since an early age I was driven toward film and filmmaking. Now at the
> age of 23 I had a script winning a prize at the Corti Pluriel contest
> at Venice film festival 05, a short "Zona rossa" which i wrote and
> directed an Venice film festival 07 and Capri-Hollywood film festival
> 07 (along with many others), and another short "Alba" written and
> directed by me which is having great success.
> I'm now holding audition for my next short "Family Meat" a pitch dark
> comedy about an Italian-American family and their butcher's shop. I'm
> looking for great talent that looks and speaks italian or at least
> knows the italian accent.Being this a student film the pay is little
> but the energy is great, also food, trans & copy of the film will be
> given to the actors.
> I had a chance of looking at you web site and found many of your
> members perfectly suitable for my project and wondering if you could
> place a casting call for " Family Meat ".
> Here there are the description of the needed talent:
> MARTIN: 25-30 years old Caucasian male. Trapped in his
> Italian-American family, he works in his family's butcher shop in New
> York. He aspires to be a gardener and trade exotic plants. He will
> have to confront his family about opening a garder store...the
> consequences will be cruel and unexpected. Looking for an
> Italian-looking, slender guy. Has to look talk some Italian and know
> the accent.
> TONY:50-60 years old Italian-American man. He is Martin's father and
> runs the family business. Dark haired, very masculine strong Italian
> accent.
> MARIANA:50-55 years old Italian-American woman. Martin's mother and
> Tony's wife. On the surface a wholesome 'Italian mama', but she hides
> a terrible secrets about the disappearance of her sons. Has to speak
> some Italian or know the accent very well.
> Please let me know how you feel about that, and if you can post my post.
> I 'm holding auditions on Monday the 5th of November, but if it is to
> soon I'm willing to schedule another session.
> Thank you.