Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NBC Casting Families with Kids Ventura/Orange CA

HI Everybody!

I just wrapped with ABC's Dance Machine aka All The Right Moves. They
are in their final stages of casting so if you haven't heard back from
them do not worry! They have not locked the cast yet.

I am now on an awesome new family show for a major television network
called, GAME TIME!

If you are or know of any families in Ventura County or Orange County
please forward this email or read below! :)

p.s. if you do not want to receive any of my casting notices please
let me know :)

Thank you!!!
Jodi :)

I'm casting a new super fun show!! I am looking for FAMILIES in
Ventura and Orange County with teenage kids or younger to win money
and HUGE prizes!! Think "Family Feud" meets "Let's Make a Deal"

From the producers of NBC's The Biggest Loser and CW Network's Beauty
and the Geek comes a new family show! We are looking for great,
charismatic families from Orange County or Ventura County with teenage
kids or younger.

This is a fun new game show where we bring the game to you! Your
whole family gets to participate for a chance to win amazing prizes!
We are looking for an outgoing, competitive family with lots of
personality! You'll be the envy of your block!!

*Casting is only happening THIS MONTH so please apply asap!! We will
start taping in January or February and WILL NOT interfere with school
for school age participants. Home MUST BE OWNED by participating

If this sounds like you and your family then send me an email ASAP to
be considered.

Email MUST include: names of you and all participating family members,
ages of each, contact info (more than one # and an email address if
possible), a photo of the outside of your house, and tell me a bit
about each person in your family.

Please send email to:

Jodi Thomas, Casting Director
"Game Time"

*From the Producers and casting team that brought you "The Biggest
Loser" and "Beauty and the Geek!"

Jodi Thomas
Casting Director
310.727.3337 ofc

Friday, November 23, 2007

Non Union Talent wanted by WPI Talent per Joe Tudisco

W.P.I. Talent has been submitting actors for union projects for over
ten years, we now would like to add a non-union division headed up by
Manager Irene Patsas. These submissions will be for paying principal
(no background) `non-union work only' in the following areas: film,
TV, theatre, commercials and print work. We are looking for all types
from the ages of 15yrs and up. We are requesting 7(no more than 7)
photos for submissions. We will submit everyone for at least 7
projects, should we like to continue submitting you, we will contact
you for more photos. Please follow the criteria listed below. Any
variation and you package will not be considered.

1- You must be completely non-union. No SAG, AFTRA or EQUITY will be
2- You must be available for auditions in NYC on a short notice. No
work conflicts please.
3- You must submit color photos only. No B & W. They should be
professional. No snapshots or self taken photos.
4- You must have a professional style resume, trimmed and attached to
your color photo.
5- No demo tapes, postcards, DVD's, website links, cover letters …etc,
6- Include with P&R's, on a 8X10 white sheet of paper (typed or neatly
printed) your name, mailing address, contact phone numbers and your
e-mail address. Also add any restrictions … such as, "No out of town
theatre" or any other restrictions. Please note that we do not and
will not submit to adult (porn) projects.
7- No phone calls. No visits. No dropoffs.
8- There is no fee attached for submissions. You will be required to
pay 15% on your gross pay for all areas except for PRINT which will
require a 20% commission on the gross. This is only for work that you
audition and book through our agency.
9- If we have success with you, it could result in your being added to
our roster of union actors (and some non-union actors) for union
10- MAIL TO:
9728 3rd AVENUE
SUITE #451

Thanks you and we look forward to working with you.

I. Patsas, Manager

GIAA's Emelise Aleandri in "La Befana"

Info: (646) 261 8614
(212) 302 0551

La Befana Visits Little Italy

On December 1st, from 5 to 7 pm, the Little Italy Merchants
Association will
sponsor a Gala Tree Lighting and Concert at Canal Street and
Hester Street
in Little Italy in downtown Manhattan. La Befana, the Italian
Witch, will fly in on her broom for this occasion and make
surprise visits at
various locations in the neighborhood. The Gala Tree Lighting and
Concert is the
first of many of the Sorrento Cheese Christmas celebrations
planned during 4
gala 3-day Weekends from November 30th through December 23rd. For
information: (212) 302 0551 or _www.littleitalynyonline.org_
(http://www.littleitalynyonline.org) .
Then on Saturday, January 5, 2008 @ 2:00 pm, the Lt. Joseph
Petrosino Lodge
#2741, OSIA and The Little Italy Merchants Association will co-
sponsor a
performance of The Legend of La Befana, a delightful musical play,
recreates the story of the good witch who visits on the eve of
Epiphany & leaves
presents for good children, but coal & ashes for naughty ones!
Written and
narrated by Artistic Director Emelise Aleandri & performed by
Frizzi & Lazzi the
Olde Time Italian_American Music & Theatre Company, the play
borrows from many
different versions of the Italian legend. The Strega of the New
narrates as colorful characters from the legend come to life. Many
performances in the tristate area make this show an anticipated
annual event.
The Legend of La Befana will take place in the Hall of the Church
of the
Most Precious Blood at 113 Baxter Street, just above Canal Street
in Little
Italy, New York City. Admission is only $5.00 per person. Children
receive a
goody bag from La Befana and adults enjoy coffee & biscotti. Feel
free to invite
family, friends and neighbors to this wonderful event. The
Petrosino Lodge
recently held a terrific Halloween Party and will host a Pasta
Party on January
13th and their annual Dinner Dance on April 12th. For further
contact: John Fratta @ 646 261 8614.
Several more performances by Frizzi & Lazzi are scheduled this
season in New
York and New Jersey. Organizations interested in more
information or about
hosting a performance for their children of all ages may contact
Aleandri at (347) 965 7892 or online at _Ealeandri@aol.com_
(mailto:Ealeandri@aol.com) . The Frizzi & Lazzi website
(http://www.frizzilazzi.com) shows colorful pictures from the
Synopsis of the Legend
Many variations on the ancient legend of La Befana have come down
to us by
tradition and folklore but the common thread to the story is this:
on the Eve
of the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6, Twelfth Night, the night
of magic
when all things can happen, the Magi, three Kings from the East,
follow a bright
star in search of a newborn infant king. They come upon La Befana
as she
sweeps her house and ask for directions. The Kings invite her to
go with them
but she explains that she is too busy cleaning her house and
cannot go. They
continue on without her but she later has misgivings and embarks
on a journey
in search of the child. She never finds him but wherever she does
find a
child, she leaves a gift just in case that one is the newborn
king, the Neonato.
And she has been doing this on Epiphany eve for centuries.

Dr. Emelise Aleandri, Artistic Director
Frizzi & Lazzi The Olde Time Italian-American Music & Theatre
Trafalgar House
3299 Cambridge Avenue #3C
Riverdale, New York 10463-3649
347 964 7892; cell 917 821 1036
office: 212 675 1003
Website: _http://www.FrizziLazzi.com_ (http://www.FrizziLazzi.com)
email: EAleandri@aol.com

Thursday, November 15, 2007

We read the following:

1. "Mr. Bagman", by Earl Nulton
short comedy screenplay

2. "Half Measures" by Earl Nulton
first 20 pages of full length screenplay; I will request the
full script to read at a future meeting (after Jan 1)

3. Alice and the Angels by Jamian Nace
first 20 pages of full length stage play
I have the full script, and I'll tell him that we plan to read
it at a future meeting (after Jan 1)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New GIAA member Katie Ribis in "White Christmas"

Congrats, Katie
> Hi Mara and Everyone,
I hope you are all well and happy.? You probably
> remember my e-mail letting you know that I won't be
> able to make the November meeting (as much as I
> wanted to) because I had a vacation planned to the
> Domenican Republic.? Well, I still can't make the
> meeting, unfortunately, but I am also not going to
> the DR.? I had to cancel the vacation because I
> received a call last week from The Cohoes Music Hall
> (Cohoes, NY) asking them to be in their upcoming
> production of "White Christmas"!? I love that show
> -especially since tap and jazz are my favorite forms
> of dance - so I said "Yes!"? The show runs from Nov
> 30th to Dec 16: rehearsals start Monday Nov 12th, so
> I'm driving up there the first thing this Monday
> morning.? > So, again, please know that I honestly am looking
> forward to meeting you all someday soon.? Also I
> wish everyone a healthy and very, very happy and
> blessed Christmas season.
> Thank you for all you do.?? Very sincerely yours,
> Katie (Ribis) >

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Casting Call: Columbia U. Student film."Family Meat"

From: "Giorgia Farina"
To: info@giaa.us
Date: 01 Nov 2007, 04:35:23 PM
Subject: Columbia University graduate short film

Giorgia Farina writes:
> Hi,
> I'm Giorgia Farina, a second year MFA film candidate at Columbia University.
> I'm interested to place a job opportunity for your actors.
> Let me first introduce myself, I was born and raised up in Italy then
> moved to UK and USA to pursue a BA in Sociology and Media Studies and
> my Master in Directing for Film.
> Since an early age I was driven toward film and filmmaking. Now at the
> age of 23 I had a script winning a prize at the Corti Pluriel contest
> at Venice film festival 05, a short "Zona rossa" which i wrote and
> directed an Venice film festival 07 and Capri-Hollywood film festival
> 07 (along with many others), and another short "Alba" written and
> directed by me which is having great success.
> I'm now holding audition for my next short "Family Meat" a pitch dark
> comedy about an Italian-American family and their butcher's shop. I'm
> looking for great talent that looks and speaks italian or at least
> knows the italian accent.Being this a student film the pay is little
> but the energy is great, also food, trans & copy of the film will be
> given to the actors.
> I had a chance of looking at you web site and found many of your
> members perfectly suitable for my project and wondering if you could
> place a casting call for " Family Meat ".
> Here there are the description of the needed talent:
> MARTIN: 25-30 years old Caucasian male. Trapped in his
> Italian-American family, he works in his family's butcher shop in New
> York. He aspires to be a gardener and trade exotic plants. He will
> have to confront his family about opening a garder store...the
> consequences will be cruel and unexpected. Looking for an
> Italian-looking, slender guy. Has to look talk some Italian and know
> the accent.
> TONY:50-60 years old Italian-American man. He is Martin's father and
> runs the family business. Dark haired, very masculine strong Italian
> accent.
> MARIANA:50-55 years old Italian-American woman. Martin's mother and
> Tony's wife. On the surface a wholesome 'Italian mama', but she hides
> a terrible secrets about the disappearance of her sons. Has to speak
> some Italian or know the accent very well.
> Please let me know how you feel about that, and if you can post my post.
> I 'm holding auditions on Monday the 5th of November, but if it is to
> soon I'm willing to schedule another session.
> Thank you.